Today is World Paper Free Day (#WPFD) again! A day when we take a closer look at a paperless workplace!

Work today, November 6, 2015, also a day without paper! This initiative is designed to reduce paper consumption. AIIM’s research shows that less paper in our processes brings enormous benefits in terms of efficiency, collaboration and well-being. “It’s hard to believe that by 2015, so many people will still be clinging to paper,” says John Mancini Information professional at AIIM. Many better and more efficient options are available today, with more and more technology dedicated to reducing paper. AIIM’s research shows that not only is the use of paper expensive, but it also hinders business processes. By digitizing parchment information, companies can serve customers quickly and efficiently, facilitate collaboration, improve access to information with a team and improve overall productivity. Join World Paper Free Day today and take the step to a paperless workplace!

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