In our section: ‘Employee in the spotlight’ we would like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day, Archive-IT is committed to supporting organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. In addition, software is developed to guarantee safe, digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motives of the employees of the Archive-IT team? Time for a look behind the scenes.

In the ‘Employee in the spotlight’ of October, Marnick Bronkhorst was nominated by Daniela Sanhueza. We would like to introduce Marnick to you!

How did you end up at Archive-IT?

“During Carnival 2018, I saw an advert on Archive-IT’s TV that they were looking for a trainee in the Software Development department for the 2018-2019 school year. After I had applied, I was told that I could start an internship in September of that year. When I successfully completed my internship in February, I went back to school. Because there was a good relationship from both sides, I was able to start working at Archive-IT again during my summer holidays, as a holiday job. But unfortunately, holidays also come to an end. My school year started again in September, but when it turned out that I had Monday off, I indicated that I wanted to continue working that day. So now I’m still working at Archive-IT one day a week!

What does Marnick’s average working day look like?

“I always start the day with a cup of tea. Then I look at where I left off with my work last time and I start to work with it. Sometimes there are issues that I didn’t get to the last time. I like to be the first to solve them, so that I can then continue with the rest of my tasks. Software Development is a challenging job. You never really know in advance what you will encounter and what you have to do to make sure something is working properly, so describing an average working day is also difficult. But that’s what makes working in this department so varied.”

You’re still in school. What kind of training are you taking?

“I’m studying business computer science at the Fontys in Venlo. In the first year and a half, this course is in conjunction with Software Engineering. Here you will learn a lot about software development, but also about business informatics and business management. It is important to learn how companies currently work. A year later, you can go for a specialisation, so you can choose between software development and business informatics. My choice went to business informatics, because it touches on several aspects. In addition to the development of software, this also includes data analysis, but also a bit of accountancy. I think that combination is important and interesting.”

What do you get out of your work?

“I like it best if you have spent some time developing software, the end product or the specific functionality and then also work properly. Developing good software together with the team, which our customers experience as an added value, gives me energy.”

Nice to know: Marnick can often be found in the swimming pool in his spare time, one of his biggest hobbies is swimming.

You can put someone in the spotlight for the next month. Who do you want to nominate and why?

“I would like to put Simone de Meulemeester in the spotlight. Simone has also been working at Archive-IT since September and is still going to school, just like me. I am curious about her story and how she deals with the combination of work and study. ”

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