In our section: ‘Employee in the spotlight’ we would like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day, Archive-IT is committed to supporting organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. In addition, software is developed to guarantee safe, digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motives of the employees of the Archive-IT team? Time for a look behind the scenes.

In the ‘Employee in the spotlight’ of November, Simone de Meulemeester was nominated by Marnick Bronckhorst.

How did you end up at Archive-IT?

“Last year I wasn’t so busy with my studies, so I had more time to work. At that moment I started looking for a job along the side job I had at the Hema at the time. I only worked there on Saturdays. I ended up at Archive-IT via a friend. At the time there was a position available in the marketing department. Because I study Business Administration myself and my interests lie in marketing, this position suited me well. I started working at Archive-IT every Monday and for a few more days during the summer period. I did this until September last year. From September this year there was again room in the marketing department and I was structurally available two days a week, I seized this opportunity with both hands and now I enjoy working at Archive-IT again besides my studies.”

What does your average working day look like?

“My working day usually starts with installing my workplace and of course a nice cup of coffee or tea! Once I’ve done this, I’ll open my diary and see if there are any important things that need to be done. At the beginning of the week, we as a department go through all the tasks that need to be done, so that nothing is forgotten and there is a good distribution. On a priority basis, I then plan the work throughout the day. Occasionally there will be some rush jobs, which I will pick up immediately. As part of the Clean Desk Policy, I clean up all my things and go home.”

You indicate that you are studying Business Administration, can you tell us more about that?

“I’m studying in Nijmegen at Radboud University and I’m now in my fourth year. Normally, my studies take three years, but because I went to Valencia to study for six months in between, it takes me a year longer. This year I am busy writing my thesis and completing the final courses. I hope to finish my bachelor’s degree in the summer. After this I want to do another master’s in the direction of marketing.”

Where do you get satisfaction during your work?

“Since I have to write pieces and create content, I like it when I feel like I’ve written a good piece. If this is also confirmed internally, I am completely convinced of the message. If there is also a good response to the message externally, I will certainly get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I also regularly write reference articles in collaboration with the client about how they experienced the services of Archive-IT. Listening to these reactions and the feedback that the customer then gives on the piece; that really motivates me.”

Nice to know: Simone is a real fan of carnival, or as they say in Limburg: ‘Vastelaoves leefhebster’. Every year she makes her own outfit together with her mother.

For the next month, you can put someone in the spotlight. Who do you want to nominate and why?

“I would like to nominate Vincent Huizinga for next month. Vincent is a friendly and motivated colleague and will be working at Archive-IT for six months this month. I’m curious what his working day looks like and what motivates him in his work!”

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