Joan Westendorff (64), owner of Jalema and Archive-IT and former director of Jalema in Reuver (L) will strengthen the existing management team at both companies.

Four years ago, Westendorff retired after taking over the Groningen company Atlanta in Hoogezand from a bankruptcy one year earlier. After Jalema ran into difficulties more than 2.5 years ago, a reorganisation was carried out under the leadership of Léon Lalieu and John Tostrams, whereby, in addition to a large number of business adjustments, 35 employees were eventually forced to lay off. As a result of this reorganisation, Westendorff bought two difficult parts, namely the injection moulding plant in Reuver and the subsidiary of Jalema in France.

Four years ago, Westendorff retired after taking over the Groningen company Atlanta in Hoogezand from a liquidation one year earlier.

Nevertheless, the world of storage systems remains a difficult one as a result of the developments with digitisation and the trade channels to which Jalema supplies are also constantly changing and making ever-increasing demands.

Now that Jalema has reached a calmer waters, Westendorff has decided, together with the management, to take joint responsibility for the implementation of the necessary steps towards the future. His main focus will be on product development of traditional products, a branch of sport with which he, as founder of the Innofabriek, has been able to gain the necessary experience. In addition, he will work with the help of his network to find new forms of cooperation in the sector at home and abroad.

Comment Westendorff:“I am pleased to be able to start working on the further implementation of the necessary changes within our organisation. It’s great that I can do this in cooperation with Léon Lalieu and John Tostrams, two people who have led Jalema through a difficult phase and have managed to lay a good future foundation for Jalema and Archive-IT. Together with them and the people from both our beautiful companies, I want to work on a Jalema and Archive-IT that is characterized by product innovation, decisiveness and a strong internationally oriented policy.”.

JalemaJalema BV, a family business founded in 1947, is a leader in Europe in the field of physical information management. The company’s business activities are based on saving time and space in the storage and retrieval of information. Jalema develops, produces and sells innovative archive products, services and systems that meet the government’s requirements for sustainable procurement. In addition to an effective and cost-saving range of folders, cabinets, racks and accessories for internal and external physical archiving, Jalema also manages third-party archives that are digitally accessible to the customer. Jalema also supplies products in the field of storage, archiving and presentation via retail.

Archive-ITArchive-IT, Jalema’s sister company, originates directly from the world of paper and knows that world from the inside out. This means that the digital solutions are based on the paper way of working and that they feel just as familiar as paper. The concept is structured in such a way that paper documents are seamlessly integrated into the digital work processes of complex organizations. This is achieved through the right combination of scan services, external archive management and innovative software solutions to work digitally. From day one of its existence, Archive-IT unconditionally believes in paperless work environments. Expertise, care and safety are central to this at all times.

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