Secure, mobile access to your digital archive. We are proud to announce a new release of the Virtual File app. Not just a release; the application has been given a completely new look & feel.

Just to freshen up

The app has been around for a while, so we’d love to refresh your memory. What is the functionality of this app again? With the Virtual File app, you can consult your digital files on your iPad, anywhere, anytime. The app makes it possible for you to have secure access to your archive and therefore no longer be bound to a fixed location. Our clients manage their ‘digital’ archive in our Virtual Archive. From this app they have access to these files and it is possible to consult them on an iPad.

Beyond consultingHowever, it goes beyond mere consultation. The app connects you to your digital archive and allows you to securely download the files to your iPad. In addition to the accessibility of these files, you can also edit them. This means that you can make notes, place bookmarks, mark text and so on. Everything to keep the file dynamic and workable.

Screenshots Virtual File for iPad

Even without an internet connection

Wiel Vercoulen, Senior Software Developer at Archive-IT, explains: “A big advantage is that users can work even without an internet connection. If you download the required files in advance, you will no longer need an internet connection. As a result, you are no longer dependent on a WIFI connection.” Anton Houben, Software developer, has built this new application in collaboration with Wiel. “What we often see in practice is that secretaries or assistants ‘prepare’ the files in advance for a doctor or lawyer, for example. You can easily use all applications and make notes. As soon as you have a connection again, all saved changes are synchronised with the digital archive. This way, other authorised colleagues also have access to the latest version of the file,” says Anton.

New functionalities; great ease of useThis new version has an even greater ease of use. The appearance of the Virtual File app has completely changed and is completely in line with its purpose. No bells and whistles, but rather safe and easy access to the necessary information. The app complies with the latest advanced technologies and will be fully operational in 2017.

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