Archive-IT today launches its new version of the Virtual File for iPad™. The version that already existed has been completely renewed, both in terms of look and feel and the functionalities. When you use the Virtual Archive™, you can download it for free from the App Store. Accessibility to your information, wherever and whenever, has never been easier.

The mobile extension of your digital archive

The ‘working in the cloud’ phenomenon is no longer unknown to anyone. Nowadays everyone can see the advantages of multi-location accessibility of information. That way, you always have access to the information you need – provided you have the right rights – and you always have the latest version. But if information is accessible everywhere, you also need to have the right facilities to access it anywhere. Virtual File for iPad is the solution for this.

Your entire archive available on one device

The Virtual File for iPad gives you access to your central archive. It allows you to consult, edit and synchronise your files to your central archive wherever and whenever you want. This very user-friendly and secure application is equipped with the most advanced annotation options. This means that you can download your files on your iPad (even without an internet connection) and edit them directly. Think of shading, adding notes, drawing frames and so on. Exactly the same thing you can do with a paper file. Once you have saved your changes, this information is accessible to other authorized users. Do you have any idea how much administrative work this will save you?

Some of the new possibilities

A new functionality that is very practical and time-saving is the bundling of files. Do you have a meeting? Have your secretary set up a group of files and documents and share them with other users. All participants in the meeting can open this bundle and immediately have the same information at their disposal. Imagine the same thing when making a round of a doctor in a hospital. In advance, the files of the patients he has to visit can be prepared and made available digitally at the push of a button. No more piles of paper under the arms and no more illegible notes! All you need is an iPad. Is your organisation ready to work efficiently at the highest level? Don’t hesitate and ask for the possibilities.

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