Reuver, April 2022. The International Information Management Group (TIIMG) is proud to announce a new collaboration with Azami, a company specialising in GDPR cleansing using Artificial Intelligence. Azami's solution, called AIDA, provides a valuable addition to TIIMG.


TIIMG is a group of companies in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, all focused on information management in the broadest sense of the word. The amount of data is growing exponentially, in every industry. At the same time, legislation and regulations are becoming increasingly stricter. The use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to organise data is therefore becoming increasingly natural and attractive. This fact is a good starting point for this new collaboration between TIIMG and Azami.


Azami has developed the product AIDA, which uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to recognise and remove GDPR-sensitive data such as passports and ID cards from digital archives. The GDPR legislation requires organisations to remove this often non-essential personal data in order to protect their privacy as much as possible. Organisations where this is of great importance include housing corporations and municipalities, but certainly also other (government) agencies.

With AIDA we are able to identify and remove GDPR-sensitive data. Think for example of blurring social citizen numbers, medical data, information about religion and much more. This is also called data minimisation.

Anonymising personal data

Paul de Meulemeester, CEO of TIIMG, commented: "I see many opportunities for AIDA in the industries in which we as a group operate. This is confirmed by the questions we get from our customers about the anonymisation of certain data within the large amount of personal sensitive documents and data. Within Archive-IT AIDA will be part of its vitalisation portfolio, which makes digital data suitable to be stored in a proper and organised way. At Van Dinther Bedrijfsautomatisering, also part of TIIMG, it is a welcome modular addition to their E-Content and E-Content365 propositions for the housing corporation market. Azami's solution has positively surprised us in terms of accuracy, speed and reliability. I am convinced that we will make this a joint success."

Also interested in how you can quickly and effectively apply data minimisation within your organisation? We would be happy to exchange thoughts with you!

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