You don’t have to tell Maurice Sanders, manager IT Development & Security at Archive-IT, that security in the physical and digital world of archiving is extremely important. While walking past kilometres of cabinets full of archive folders in the warehouse of the archive management company in Reuver, he talks about the many measures that have been taken to guarantee the security of the customer data, files and other valuable information of the customers.

The new European Privacy Regulation has been approved and is in the starting blocks as a successor to the Personal Data Protection Act. Requirements will be stricter, fines will be much higher. According to Sanders, this is the reason why many companies have experienced slight panic. “You can see that drivers have been shaken awake. They suddenly realise that it is extremely important that things are in order and that it is not possible to work with just anyone when it comes to the security of customer data and files. Many companies therefore appoint a special security officer. In Reuver, we are increasingly being visited by people in this position. They want to see for themselves that their data is safe here. And rightly so. We encourage that. Feel free to come and have a look at us.”


Archive-IT’s clients are often large medical institutions such as hospitals, but they also know where to find the company in Reuver in the notarial sector and the legal profession. Their data must be stored securely. A CO2 extinguishing system is always on edge in a room next to the archive. “The second largest installation in the Netherlands,” says Sanders. “If a fire breaks out, the paper archive material will certainly not be damaged by the water from a sprinkler system.” But it is certainly not the only measure taken by the Limburg company to secure customer data. Archive-IT not only archives paper for customers, it also digitises all documents where necessary and stores files in a safe and orderly manner. “We offer our own software, but we also store everything in the cloud. Customers are always welcome to take a look at the data centre in Amsterdam themselves.” In January 2013, the ICT company was awarded the ISO 27001 certificate for information security. “In order to obtain that certificate, you have to meet certain requirements. But we won’t stop there. We conduct our own audits every year and have an external party carry out regular tests to see whether all the security measures still work optimally.”


As a company, you can still monitor your data so well that the weakest link in the chain is often the human being. “You can’t protect people,” explains Sanders. “Creating awareness is therefore of the utmost importance. Employees must understand for themselves that this is sensitive information and that care must be taken in handling it.” Around thirty employees work at Archive-IT and all of them have been screened. “We do everything in our power to keep things in order here. Customers can leave the security of their data to us with peace of mind.”

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