In our section: ’employee in the spotlight’ we like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day, Archive-IT is committed to supporting organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. In addition, software is being developed to guarantee safe, digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motives of the Archive-IT team? Time for a look behind the scenes. This time Rajendre Roepers is in the spotlight. From 1 November, Rajendre will be the new Sales Manager at Archive-IT. A great moment to introduce him to you!

Rajendre, how did you end up at Archive-IT and what did you do before?

“I have been in the IT industry for more than 25 years and over the years I have worked as a (Key) Account Manager for various companies in the IT sector. I started out as a transactional type of Account Manager, but throughout my career I have transformed into a passionate Solutions Account Manager, focused on solutions for various business processes. I was ready for a new challenge and a next step in my career. This is how I ended up at Archive-IT. The organisation, the solutions and certainly the position appealed to me immediately because Archive-IT wants to focus more on offering solutions and services instead of transactional services. In addition, as a Sales Manager at Archive-IT, I can make my contribution on a strategic level, apply my knowledge and work together as a team. That combination is very challenging and fits perfectly with the development I want to go through in my career.”

Can you tell us more about your position at Archive-IT?

“My role as Sales Manager is twofold. On the one hand, I am responsible for managing (potential) customers, business partners and achieving sales growth both nationally and internationally. On the other hand, I am responsible for supervising, training and coaching my colleagues in the Sales department and the Marketing department. Collaborations with other departments, such as our Business Office and Services, are also very important. As a team, we lift Archive-IT to a higher level and continue to develop continuously in order to get the best out of ourselves and the organisation. As a member of the Management Team, I contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation.”

What does your average working day look like?

“Of course, I have only been with Archive-IT for one month. So an average working day is still difficult to describe. The beginning is mainly about getting to know the organisation, the team and making Archive-IT’s services and solutions my own. But when I look at an average sales day, it varies a lot. Sometimes I work at the office and other days I visit clients and relations. When I’m at the office, I’m often busy holding team meetings, sparring about ideas or work. Of course administration is also part of the Sales profession. Think about keeping track of quotes, answering customers’ questions and so on.”

Where do you get satisfactions from during your work?

“I get satisfaction mainly from the energy of my surroundings. For example, when I am in a conversation with clients or when clients are satisfied. But also when there are issues or dissatisfaction. That means that there are opportunities for improvement that need to be addressed. Colleagues also contribute to my satisfaction. Think about solving a problem together, or achieving a positive result together and, above all, having a lot of fun together.”

Nice to know: Rajendre is a big sports fan both passive and active and can regularly be found on the hockey field as a goalkeeper, but his biggest and most favourite hobby is being the father of three daughters of which he is proud.

Do you have certain goals in mind to achieve at Archive-IT?

“My goal is to be successful within Archive-IT, both commercially and strategically and to achieve success together with colleagues. I hope that the organisation will be even more successful thanks to my efforts.”

On behalf of the entire Archive-IT team, we wish Rajendre every success in his new, challenging position as Sales Manager!




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