Virtual Archive

With the Virtual Archive we offer a central archive, which gives the user insight into where which information is located. Some of the possibilities: the Virtual Archive displays every registered file. If it is located in the heavily protected archive depot at Archive-IT in paper form, you can request your file at the touch of a button via our Scanning on Demand service. It is also possible that we have digitised files for you in bulk. The Virtual Archive gives you access to these digitized files. Find the file you need by entering a simple reference in the search field and voilá, your digital file is found. Much faster than when you had to go through that dusty filing cabinet!

Your data, our concern

The Virtual Archive is extremely suitable for managing the various information flows within your organisation. The location of the information is always clear to you. It is easy to create overviews and the settings and rights of users can easily be recorded.

Virtual Archive is available as a SaaS or On-Premise version. Archive-IT meets the highest security standards and offers a highly secure SaaS solution. Nevertheless, some organizations choose not to place their data in the cloud. Archive-IT has developed the Virtual Archive On-Premise for this purpose. If you choose the On-Premise variant, the data will be managed on your own servers instead of being hosted by a data center. Nothing will change for the user, who logs in via a web browser with his/her login details and has access to that to which he/she has rights.

Simple, safe and efficient: the Virtual Archive

With the Virtual Archive, we can easily realize integrations with the system you are already working with. The big advantage of this is that your employees can continue to work in the system they are so familiar with. Do they need a file that is archived in the Virtual Archive? Then you can easily make a trip to the Virtual Archive via a button in your current system.

What’s also simple is that you don’t have to log in again. By using Single Sign-On, you can directly access the correct file in the Virtual Archive. In addition, your main system is not slowed down by the large amount of data, because this is stored in the Virtual Archive!

Creating fast, simple but very secure access to your physical and digital information flows? Find your file in one click and easily add new, digital information. The Virtual Archive does it!

  • Payment for the actual use

  • Savings through central updates

  • Save time by eliminating maintenance and upgrades

  • Enormous mobility: can retrieve and edit data anytime and anywhere