For Archive-IT, working digitally is the most normal thing in the world, but with a vision of what this paperless working environment should be like. We simulate the paper world in a digital form. And that is also the idea behind the development of the Virtual File for iPad. We call it “mapping the real world” and are convinced that this will make digital working more readily accepted.

The newest version

Archive-IT today proudly launches, via Itunes, the release of the latest and advanced version of Virtual File for iPad. The application has been built so that our customers can work with it on a mobile basis. Independent of time and place. For example, files can be requested, consulted and edited on location from the central archive. When the file is downloaded into a personal desktop before it starts, information can even be accessed without an internet connection. Mobile working has never been so familiar and simple!

The design of our software remains based on traditional folders. “The recognizable appearance of the application has been carefully considered, so that it really fits in well with Archive-IT. But the more convenient it is for our customers,” says Maurice Sanders Manager Software at Archive-IT. The Virtual File for iPad should be just as easy to use as the paper folders that have been used for years.

Experience it for yourself

A step-by-step and, above all, safe transition to a digital working environment has never been easier. The Virtual File for iPad is intuitive to use and makes working digitally feel instantly familiar.

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