In our section 'Employees in the spotlight' we like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day Archive-IT is committed to support organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. Besides that we develop software to guarantee safe digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motivations of the Archive-IT team members? Time for a look behind the scenes.

This time, Heike Kloth is in the spotlight. Heike has been working at Archive-IT since 2006, first in the Services department and recently in the Sales department. We would like to introduce her to you!

Can you tell us something about your role at Archive-IT?

"After my studies, I immediately started working at Archive-IT. My career started in the service department, where I enjoyed working for no less than 17 years. As time went on, I grew more and more in my position, was given more and more responsibilities and eventually became team leader in the department. However, the need for renewal led me to a new challenge within the sales department as a Sales Support Representative at Archive-IT. Thanks to my experience in the service department, I can now provide valuable advice to both new and existing customers, carefully considering all relevant aspects. In short, commitment to customers, keeping an overview of the process and my passion for organising are driving forces in my role."

What does your average working day look like?

"Due to my recent change of position, from team leader in the service department to Sales Support Officer in the sales department, I am currently still active in both departments. I would like to provide a good handover and form a solid bridge between the two departments. By fostering good cooperation, we can ensure smooth implementation of projects.

Above all, new and existing customers are the thread that runs through my day. I take all incoming orders and queries directly. My advice is based on my own experience in the service department. Thanks to this prior knowledge, I can quickly anticipate and take action myself. I am also involved in my colleagues' projects and we support each other where necessary. In short, my working day is very varied."

What do you get satisfaction from while working?

"I get great satisfaction from carefully tailoring solutions to customer needs. Then translating this solution in such a way that it is implemented seamlessly. That everything fits together neatly, without any hiccups."

Nice to know: Heike's love of arranging, organising and taking the lead comes out not only in the field of work, but also in her involvement with the Waldorf School in Roermond and the football club. For example, she shines on the school stage during a wonderful play!

What makes Archive-IT the organisation you enjoy working for?

"What makes Archive-IT so special to me is the powerful internal cooperation that exists here. Unlike islands where everyone walks their own path, here we form a close-knit team. The team spirit is reinforced by an open culture. Whether it's serious business or a moment for a joke, the dynamic between colleagues creates a familiar environment where sociability and hard work are paramount. Together with the advancement opportunities and constant challenges on offer make Archive-IT the ideal workplace for me."

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