Digitising books is becoming increasingly popular. An important reason for this is the accessibility and preservation of the books. The digitised books can be made available to a larger public online. Retaining paper books entails several risks. Among other things, you are more vulnerable to theft and/or water damage.

How does a book scanner work?

In order to digitise books, modern scanning equipment is used, with which all types of books can be digitised. The big difference with a standard digitisation process is that the book has to remain intact in almost all cases and therefore does not fit through a standard scanner. The pages would have to be cut loose from the cover. The book scanner has a camera and digitises each page one by one. The book lies, as it were, on a glass plate, whereby a high-quality photo of the opened page is taken each time. To achieve this, an employee must turn the pages manually. This makes it a specialist and labour-intensive process. But it is the best way to safeguard the history of books and make it accessible to a larger public.

Advantages digital book

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime: The content of the scanned books can be consulted at any time, even by several people at the same time. This also fits in with the modern way of working.
  • Increased labour productivity: digitising books reduces the number of manual actions required to find the right information. Searching for a specific word in a text file becomes easier by means of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Quality and risk reduction: while the quality of paper books decreases over time, the quality of the digital book remains constant. The risk of theft, fire and/or water damage is greatly reduced. In addition, store the digital books in the cloud and make a back-up.

Book digitisation prices

Every project requires a customised quote. After all, every book is different in terms of format, quality and number of pages. Do you want to digitise your books or do you need more information? Contact one of our specialised employees without obligation!

Besides digitising books, we also offer other specialist digitisation processes. Think of large format scanning: digitising large format drawings. 

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