Individual storage

Archive-IT has a suitable solution for every archiving challenge. For archives that are not needed right away, but need to be available very quickly, our ndividual storage is the ideal archiving method. With this service each file is individually registered and archived, which allows Archive-IT to guarantee 100% delivery reliability.

Fast and reliable!

It is not always cost-effective to digitise all files, because in practice it turns out that you no longer need many files from your archive. In order to still be able to work digitally and paperless and to free up that important space within your own organisation, ndividual storage is a perfect solution. Each file gets a unique location in our building and is verified by means of a barcode. Do you need a file? It will be available digitally in no time via Scanning on Demand. This way you gradually build up your digital archive, but you only digitise what you actually need.


The files are collected from you with sealed and exclusive transport. Subsequently, they are immediately registered upon arrival at Archive-IT. From that moment on, you can request your files via the Virtual Archive software solution. The transport is the only moment you cannot access your files. The files are stored in our high-security building, equipped with a unique gas extinguishing system, and can be requested (both physically and digitally) at the moment you need the file. Efficient, safe and secure.

Why individual storage?

  • 100% delivery reliability
  • Within 1.5 hours your file digitally via Scanning on Demand
  • 24-hour service possible
  • Links to appointment systems, EPDs and many more possibilities!

Secured archive building

Security is at the heart of our entire business operations. Archive-IT continues where others stop. Customers have the possibility to store privacy sensitive, paper based information in our secure archive depot. Archive-IT has archive depots that meet extremely high safety requirements for archive security. Both on a physical and digital level information security is our number one priority. This is confirmed by the ISO 27001 certificate that we have in our possession.

With individual storage you as a customer benefit from the most advanced and unique CO² extinguishing gas installation in case of fire. Your files are guaranteed safe at Archive-IT.


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