Physical archiving

Crowded filing cabinets, cluttered drawers, folders that get in the way and not finding the right information when you need it. Recognisable? Many organisations do not know what to do with the paper information flows, which are often created from history. These often need to be preserved, but are not necessarily needed anymore in the daily work processes.

Store your archive externally

Not every archive needs to be stored in the same way. In order to offer our customers the most suitable solution, Archive-IT has developed three forms of archive storage. The type of storage that suits the archive best depends on the actuality, frequency of consultation, retention periods, type of archive, wishes and budget. Our advisors will help you decide which solution is most suitable. Below you can find an overview of the storage possibilities offered by Archive-IT.

By storing archives externally, you achieve the following:

  • Valuable space becomes available within your organisation.
  • Only accessible to authorised employees.
  • Through an application you can easily request archive documents 'on demand'.
  • Storage periods are easily managed.
  • Storage period expired? Destroy your archive confidentially.
  • Better safeguards document security.

Pallet storage

Archive that is hardly ever consulted, but still has to comply with a legal retention period, for example, is best stored at pallet level.

  • Archive stored in boxes or binders.
  • Low annual storage costs.
  • Need a document? Within 24 hours digitally via Scanning on Demand!

Individual storage

Do you still have paper files that you do not need on a daily basis, but which do need to be available quickly when needed? Individual storage is fast and complete:

  • Files are individually registered and archived.
  • High security measures, physical and digital.
  • Via Scanning on Demand your file is digital within 1,5 hours!

Conditioned storage

For archives that need to be preserved for hundreds of years or even indefinitely.

  • High security measures, physical and digital.
  • Equipped with an extensive climate control system.
  • Archive remains available via Scanning on Demand.


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