Inca Medical is an outsourcing agency in Utrecht. They second nurse anaesthetists to hospitals in Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Gouda and Ede, among others. In addition, they like to think along to increase the continuity and optimisation of operating theatres.

Gemma van Oostrom, Management Support, is involved in administration and is responsible for managing the personnel files. While working from home, it became even clearer that the paper personnel files had many limitations, as they were simply archived in a filing cabinet at the office. Sharing the files with the employees was also felt to be difficult as long as the file was only stored in physical form.

The feeling was right from the start

Inca Medical contacted two companies for a quote. In the end they chose Archive-IT, not only because of the proposal, but also because of the feeling they had. Gemma: "The feeling was right from the start; the offer looked neat and all questions were answered immediately. Archive-IT sent the boxes, which I filled with the files. They were then picked up by a courier. For the past two years, all new employees have immediately been digitally registered. We had the files of employees who have been in service for years digitised. These are often thick files, which meant I had to spend a long time looking for the right document." Inca Medical stored the files of employees who have left Inca Medical in Archive-IT's secure archive instead of digitising them. "This was a cost-effective and efficient solution, as we no longer need them, but they do need to be kept for a number of years until the retention period expires."

Faster and easier searching

"Now that the files are digital, searching for information is much faster. It now doesn't matter how thick the file is, with the handy search function you can get to the right document with one click of the mouse without having to search through the entire file. All employee files are now digital. We are going to make sure that the files will soon be available for the employees themselves, which is very transparent!"

The filing cabinet has been removed

Gemma: "The contact with the account manager and project manager was pleasant. All agreements were met neatly. At the beginning, a number of test files were digitised, so that you immediately had an idea of what the digital file would look like. With a few minor changes the file was set up according to our wishes. Then the other files were digitised. I can now easily consult them, even when I work at home. The filing cabinet has been removed, so I also have more space. Ideal!"

Archive-IT thanks Inca Medical for their trust! Curious about how the digitisation process works? Read more about it here!

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