Archive-IT's solutions are aimed at making information, in whatever form, accessible in a safe way.


To create order, a clear and accessible roadmap is important for organizations and employees. This provides orientation and gives a good idea of the end result. Once the basis is in order, you can regain an overview and work towards the desired and sometimes even required (legal and NEN/ISO) level.

Digital archiving

Archive your documents in a structured way, with a well organised digital archive. By archiving digitally in a smart way, you can keep a grip on your data, completely in accordance with laws and regulations. Archive-IT has several platforms for digital archiving. There is always a suitable solution for your situation.


Digital data is elevated to information through the use of smart technology. To enrich the data, we use OCR, classification and data extraction, among other things. This links the right metadata to individual documents, transforming unstructured data into structured data.


Digitisation offers the solution if there are still paper documents in your organisation which are taking up unnecessary space. With high quality scanning solutions Archive-IT transforms your documents into a digital result. By integrating these into your current digital work processes you will increase the efficiency, safety and accessibility of your documents.

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