Archive management

I want my file back physically, is that possible?

The files managed by Archive-IT in the archive can be requested not only digitally but also in physical form. The files are sent by (registered) mail/courier.

Can I request files in evening hours and on weekends?

Archive-IT offers a 24-hour service.

How quickly can a file be digitally owned by me?

Depending on the Service Level Agreement chosen at the time of the application, a file will be delivered. The delivery times are between 1.5 and 32 hours (working hours).

Archive destruction

What happens to the collected paper?

For the destruction of confidential documents, Archive-IT has established a long-term and close collaboration with SUEZ. The archive documents are brought in one direct way to the secure environment of SUEZ. The archive destruction takes place in a completely closed circuit. This means that no human hands are involved in the process; it is fully automated.

How do I know when the paper files have actually been destroyed?

After the safe archive destruction you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate lists all the files that we have destroyed for you. On this basis, you can prove that you have implemented the destruction policy as it applies to your organisation.

How long should files be kept before they are permanently destroyed?

Before documents may be destroyed, the storage period must have expired. Read more about it here.


Is Archive-IT ISO certified?

Archive-IT is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and complies with the NEN 7510 standard. In addition, the SaaS (cloud) software complies with the Verisign standards and our employees have signed a Certificate of Good Conduct and a Confidentiality Agreement.

How is the Archive-IT archive secured?

The archive is secured with camera surveillance, fire protection system, a gas extinguishing system and access control. The entire site is surrounded by a solid fence. Files only leave the archive during working hours for further processing and are always returned to the secure archive at the end of a working day.


I already work with my own central system. Can the software system of Archive-IT be integrated?

In order to create a completely digital archive, the Archive-IT system can in principle be seamlessly integrated into an EPD, ECD and various document management systems. In this way, a new way of archiving is combined with the history to create a complete digital archive. You simply work from your own, trusted system.

How are the digitised files delivered?

The files that are digitized at Archive-IT will always be made available via the Archive-IT software. This guarantees, among other things, safety and accessibility. In addition, the possibility of physical delivery of files.

Where can I log in to the Virtual Archive?

You can log in through https://access.i-fourc.com (this is currently being converted to .archive-it.nl)

What should I do if I forget my password or my account is blocked?

Go to https://access.i-fourc.com and click on “Forgot password”.


What are the opening hours of Archive-IT?

The Archive-IT office is open Monday through Friday from 08.15 – 17.00.

I want to send an invoice. Where can it be sent to?

Invoices can be emailed to invoice@archive-it.nl.

My details have changed, where do I pass on the (address) change?

Send an e-mail to info@archive-it.eu with the new data. We will adjust your details as soon as possible.

I want to keep up with the latest news. Where?

Go to the registration page and fill in your details. You will receive an email once a month with the latest updates. Do you no longer wish to receive updates? Unsubscribe via the link in the mail.

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