As a specialised hospital in the Netherlands and Europe, the Sint Maartenskliniek is a leader in the treatment of disorders in the field of posture and movement. The Sint Maartenskliniek offers its treatments and care in Nijmegen, Woerden, Boxmeer and Tiel. Every year some 60,000 people from different regions are treated by some 1,700 employees at the Sint Maartenskliniek.

The digital age

Melanie Heijmink, personnel officer, has been working for the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen for a number of years. “Our P&O department was still quite old-fashioned when it came to digitising. We were still working with paper personnel files, which actually no longer fitted in the current digital era. In addition, there were many managers in our organisation who kept their own shadow files on the personnel files. This meant that there were several ‘copies’ of one file in the organisation, but the moment you start digitising and give managers, employees and the HR department access to one and the same digital file, you prevent shadow files from being created” , says Melanie Heijmink.

Cleaning up the files

“We had a lot of duplicate documents in our personnel files. That’s why we cleaned up all the files within the organisation ourselves and then sent them to Archive-IT for partial digitisation. There were about 1800 personnel files, so cleaning up required a considerable investment of time! We were under the impression that documents would immediately be given the correct name when they were digitised, such as an employment contract, ID card, etc. We were also under the impression that the documents would be given the correct name when they were digitised. Unfortunately, this was not the case and we had to invest time afterwards to name the electronic documents. It is important that this is clearly discussed beforehand between the digitiser and the customer, because this can save time and therefore money! We are ultimately satisfied with the result”.


” We ended up at Archive-IT via AAG, who guided us as an external project leader in the digitisation project. Together with AAG, we drew up a plan with regard to the new layout of the digital personnel file and the cleaning up of the paper personnel file. The account manager of Archive-IT then visited us to give us more information about the entire digitisation process. Looking back at the digitisation process, we would have liked to have had a look at Archive-IT prior to the digitisation process in order to come to a decision. It is possible that in the future we will be digitising the other documents in the personnel files, so we received this invitation from Archive-IT!” According to Melanie Heijmink.

Sint Maartenskliniek is now working satisfied with Raet’s digital system as a digital working environment for the personnel files! By partially digitizing their personnel files, they have made a first step towards the digital era, with which they now benefit from all the conveniences of the file!

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