Digital archiving

A digital archive goes beyond a folder structure with digital files. Everything depends on finding the right information at the right time. But there is more to it than that. We see that many organisations have an enormous variety of information flows. Multiple applications, different ways of storing information, local folders and so on. Archive-IT has specialised in digital archiving over the past years. Whether it is about digitized files that need to be opened up, physical files that need to be registered digitally or documents that are already digital at the source. For every challenge, a safe, efficient and accessible solution.

Why a digital archive?

It is important that you and your colleagues have access to the information management. In a safe, trusted and user-friendly way. By using a smart software solution for this, which fully meets the requirements you have set, you can save costs and realise efficiency. Archive-IT has developed several software applications, to always offer a suitable solution in the world of archiving. There is not one single truth. Archive-IT will work with you to find out what the needs are within your organisation and which legal requirements need to be met, in order to determine which solution will solve your problems and bring your organisation to a higher level. You are not on your own!


  • Secure accessibility, wherever and whenever.
  • Authorisations at detailed level.
  • View information from different perspectives.
  • Link metadata to your files to enrich data.
  • Search and find easily.
  • Structuring retention policy.

Digital compliancy

Our AIR solution not only provides Records Management, but also offers extensive functionality for managing documents and other file formats. Metadata-driven and easy to share, also with people outside your organisation. AIR is a digital safe, which fully guarantees retention periods and the preservation of digital data in accordance with laws and regulations. The far-reaching search perspectives make it very user-friendly and applicable.

File management

Do you want to store files externally at Archive-IT? You can use the Virtual Archive to manage your archive, place requests and consult files digitally. The Virtual Archive can also be used as your own file management system, in which you can view and edit digital files. It offers both physical and digital functionalities and is very suitable for organisations that have to deal with a hybrid situation when it comes to paper and digital.

Legislation and regulations

It is crucial that your digital documents are safely archived at all times. Archive-IT has invested in information security so that measures are taken at the highest level, and it is constantly being tested against changing digital technologies. Read more about our information security.

Costs of digital archiving

Setting up a digital archive involves custom work and depends on a large number of factors. That is why it is impossible to give standard rates. The costs are made up of one-off costs, such as training and set-up. Depending on the situation, you can also choose to purchase consultancy. Once the set-up phase has been completed, you will have to deal with recurring costs. These are the software licences and the associated gigabytes if you opt for the cloud variant. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your wishes and needs and provide you with a corresponding quote.



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