Archive-IT is a driven organisation, with its headquarters located in Reuver, Limburg. In addition, we have offices in Hoogezand (NL), Belgium, Germany and France. We were founded from Jalema, a producer in the area of archival and office supplies, and therefore know the world of archiving like no other. We focus on four pillars: physical and digital archiving, vitalising and digitising.

We characterise ourselves as a dynamic organisation that is always looking for new opportunities and possibilities. Every day, Archive-IT strives to make information accessible in a simple and safe way. We continue where others stop, because just digitising or having digital files is not enough. Adding value through the use of smart technology, transforming data into valuable information.

About Archive-IT

Working at Archive-IT

Archive-IT consists of a team of driven and enthusiastic professionals. We are real team players who like to build the future together. Do you want to be part of this nice club? Take a look at our current vacancies and let us know why we need you to take Archive-IT to an even higher level!



We always go for the best result. Forces are combined to achieve that result. The expertise of our partners is deployed in areas where it is needed. It goes without saying that the partners are selected on the basis of the same strict safety and quality requirements that Archive-IT also imposes on itself.

Our partners


Archive-IT is committed to CSR. We actively work to eliminate paper in organisations, from large to small, helping to create a sustainable environment. In addition, there are many other measures that we have implemented.

CSR policy

In the media

Archive-IT regularly publishes articles, interviews or videos in the media. We are very proud of that! On this page we share the most recent publications. Curious? Click to read/view the publications again.

In the media

Social Fund

Archive-IT is happy to introduce you to the Social Fund. A very nice initiative with which we support charities and special actions every quarter with a financial contribution. Are you curious how this works or do you want to contribute to a charity yourself? Then take a look at our Social Fund page!

Social Fund


On our reference page, we let customers talk about their experiences with Archive-IT. This way, you’ll also get information from a different perspective. Curious about the experiences of our customers? Read the references!