CSR Policy

Archive-IT attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility. We actively work to eliminate paper in organizations of all sizes and thus help to create a sustainable environment. In addition, there are many other measures that we have implemented in the context of CSR.


The measures taken by Archive-IT with regard to the environment are mainly aimed at saving paper. For example, we work with digital invoices and quotations, and orders are also largely issued digitally. All the paper that is still used in our organization, as well as the files to be destroyed, are destroyed in a confidential manner. This destroyed paper is then recycled.

At Archive-IT, sustainability is an important issue. For example, we encourage employees to carpool and – if possible – to come to work by bike. Employees who use a lease car may only choose a car that meets a specific energy class. We are also taking energy-saving measures by actively using LED lighting and solar panels in our new construction facilities. Archive-IT also strictly adheres to the recycling and reuse of materials. Think of packaging materials, such as boxes that are used for transport. But adhesion mechanisms, which we filter out when cleaning files, are also kept separate and recycled.


There are various measures that Archive-IT implements for CSR with regard to its employees. These include, among other things:

  • Transparent communication to customers, employees and all other stakeholders;
  • An annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. Based on this, action and improvement points are drawn up;
  • An internal confidential advisor to whom employees can turn when necessary;
  • A training policy that ensures sufficient professional guidance at the desired level.

In addition, the management considers it important that the employees are both mentally and physically healthy. This is why employees are given the opportunity to make regular use of a Preventive Medical Examination by the Archive-IT occupational health and safety service. During this examination, the employee’s health and work experience is assessed in relation to his or her work. The results of this report are presented to the MT in an anonymous manner. Another measure to contribute to the health of the employees is the provision of free and fresh fruit. This is provided twice a week.

We also have a Risk Inventory & Evaluation, which investigates whether there is a danger of work and whether damage can be caused to the health of the employees. The results can be used to take measures to eliminate or limit risks.