Adelante is a care group with adult rehabilitation & labour reintegration, child rehabilitation, special education & living and audiology & communication as core activities. They help children and adults who are struggling with the consequences of an illness, disorder or accident to regain functioning and participation. Adelante is based at various locations in Limburg. Each location has its own care offer.

Easy choice

Due to previous projects, there has been a long-standing collaboration between Adelante and Archive-IT. For Esther Cromheecke, Director Audiology & Communication Division, the choice was therefore easy. “When a new project arose, we contacted our contact person at Archive-IT directly to discuss the possibilities. There was no doubt about it; if you know you’re right then the choice was easy.”

Fully digital

Since 1 October 2019, Adelante Audiologie & Communicatie has been working entirely digitally. From that moment on, all new files are immediately created digitally. However, there were still many paper files of clients from before that time. In an ideal situation and in order to work as efficiently as possible, these files should also be available digitally. Esther says: “In the beginning, there was still some doubt as to whether we should carry out the project ourselves or hand it over anyway. After a number of discussions with Archive-IT, we preferred to hand it over anyway. It gave a lot of rest on our side. Also the speed with which Archive-IT digitizes files is incomparable internally.”

Complex project

Because of the complexity, a lot of time was spent on the proper elaboration of the project. The smallest details were thought of, so that the project could be carried out like a well-oiled machine. It was decided to divide the project into phases. Every two weeks a part of the archive was retrieved and digitized. These phases were based, among other things, on the appointment system between healthcare professionals and clients. That required a lot of planning. The files were retrieved on the basis of the appointments that were planned shortly afterwards, or the files that were needed for research. By digitising the files in this way, it remained internally manageable and the healthcare professionals were able to view everything digitally during an appointment. “In seven months’ time, Archive-IT collected 14 archives from us; at the end of the project, 5,600 files were digitised. The benefits are great. Employees can work in one file at the same time, you don’t have to search the file within the building and it’s no longer location bound. All those physical actions have now been eliminated, which saves us a lot of time.”

Good communication

Esther continues: “We are very satisfied with the communication with the employees of Archive-IT. We have a lot of contact with a fixed point of contact within the organisation. The lines of communication are short, which gives us a pleasant feeling.” Within Adelante they are not yet ready when it comes to archiving and digitisation, the next project is already underway.

We thank Adelante for the trust and the nice cooperation!

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