Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN) is a centre of expertise for epilepsy and sleep medicine. SEIN is working daily to improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy and sleep disorders. To this end, some 1400 employees dedicate themselves to providing optimal care. To this end, SEIN has thirteen polyclinics, two clinics, three sleep-wake centres, three residential locations, day care centres and a special needs school. 

We spoke with Rosemary van Beljouw (Head of Ambulatory Care), Tamara Vossen and Jacqueline Merks (both Medical Registration). They would like to share their experiences about the years of cooperation between SEIN and Archive-IT.

Years of loyal customer of Archive-IT

“At the time, we were a client of Jalema, the then sister company of Archive-IT. That was more than 20 years ago now. At that time, we used folders in which patient documents were archived. At one point there was too little storage capacity within SEIN and we had the outpatient files of deregistered patients physically stored at Jalema; when the patient returned, they were physically retrieved again. In the end, we opted to replace the physical documents with a digital solution. Archive-IT realised this digitisation together with us. We consult the digital documents in Archive-IT’s system: the Virtual Archive. We have also chosen to physically store part of the files in Archive-IT’s archive buildings, such as storage at pallet level but also storage at file level. This frees up space for us and enables us to better guarantee security.”

From paper to digital

“It was not easy to make the step from paper to digital. However, it posed no problem at all. The digital files can be viewed very easily via the Virtual Archive. You look at the files that have not been digitised, but are stored in paper form at Archive-IT. Requesting such files is just a few mouse clicks away! Via the Scanning on Demand service, we usually choose to have a file delivered within 36 hours. Sometimes it is urgent, then we often have it within 1.5 hours! This way of working works well; like a well-oiled machine. Everything is always delivered on time and we never have to ask for it.”

Quality service

“The quality of the service is something that characterises Archive-IT for us. Need information about an invoice? Other questions? We are always quickly and comprehensively helped. In addition, the accuracy with which we work is a reason why we recommend Archive-IT. We just know it’s going to be fine and that’s a pleasant basis for collaboration. All in all, we are very satisfied!”

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