Kooral provides care, education and work to people with severe disabilities and complex behavioural and/or psychiatric problems. They have different locations in Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Koraal is an ambitious organisation that strives for quality. They are increasingly focusing on professionalisation and centralisation. They do this in order to make processes more efficient, but also to increase clarity, transparency and quality.

Tendering procedure

Lyria Struik, HRM policy officer at Koraal, was closely involved in the project to digitise Koraal’s personnel files. Prior to this, they followed an intensive tendering procedure, in which several suppliers were compared. After an initial supplier assessment, a number of parties remained, which subsequently gave a presentation. During the presentation, all areas of expertise were transferred from Koraal, such as the AFAS application manager and the Security Officer.

Finally, the decision was made to work with Archive-IT! Lyria says: “The supply of Archive-IT fits in very well with the demand from Koraal. The price/quality ratio was the best, with the emphasis on quality and care. The clear and transparent presentation gave us confidence, which was certainly taken into account in our decision”.

Successful project

It was an intensive and educational project. Koraal has insisted on the laws and regulations concerning GDPR. The aim was to make the personnel files completely GDPR-proof before the digitisation took place. This means, among other things, that there are no documents in the file that are not (or no longer) relevant. Based on the legislation and regulations and the policy of Koraal, a list was made that Archive-IT’s clean-up staff used to reorganise each and every file. Ultimately, the files were digitized in accordance with the new classification.

Lyria: “The communication with Archive-IT was very pleasant. Even during the project, we could always contact the project manager with any questions and she really made time for us. In the event of any uncertainties, she did not hesitate to get in the car and go through the scope of the project face-to-face and make sure that everyone was on the same page. That hands-on mentality was very enlightening”.

Archive-IT made a planning prior to the project. Good planning was crucial, because the files had to be collected at every location. If there was a change from Koraal, Archive-IT adjusted the planning accordingly. Lyria enjoyed the flexibility and thinking along. She would certainly recommend Archive-IT when it comes to digitizing files!

Accessibility during digitisation

Honoré Martens, team leader HR support, also talks about his experiences. In his role, he regularly needs a file. All in all, this involved a considerable number of personnel files, which meant that a file was required with some frequency even during the digitisation process. Eventually, all files were imported into AFAS, but Archive-IT used its own software solution, the Virtual Archive, during the digitisation process. Via the Virtual Archive, a file can be digitised with priority during the process. In this way, Koraal had access to the files at all times during the project. Honoré: “The Virtual Archive has been fully set up in accordance with Coral’s authorizations, so that I could easily and, above all, securely request a priority file if it had not yet been digitized. This was always done in good time. In this way, we were not hindered by the digitisation and all files were accessible to us at all times.”

Koraal, thank you for your trust!

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