The injury repair agency De Bureaus consists of five services: mathematical expertise, recovery coaching, medical advice, labour expertise and supervision by youth professionals. The professionals from all these fields work closely together to help those involved after an accident to get their lives back on track quickly.

Minimising risks as much as possible

A personal injury trajectory can sometimes take months, or even years. There is a lot of communication between different parties, which means that the accompanying file only gets thicker and thicker. The disadvantage of the paper file is that it can only be in one place at a time and takes up a lot of space. In addition, sending a file by post involves a number of risks: the courier does not deliver the file correctly, the file gets lost or it can be damaged. When working with medical information, such as De Bureaus, this is a risk that must be prevented at all costs. Furthermore, this process is unnecessarily time-consuming and costly. De Bureaus in Utrecht have changed this and dare to make the step to digital. Francie Peters, director of De Bureaus, explains why she prefers the digital file.

A digital file; is that really useful?

At first, Francie Peters was reluctant to digitise the thick, paper files. The professionals know the files blindly and know how to find all the information quickly and easily. What would be the advantages of a digital file? Then you can’t find anything at all, can you? Francie took up the challenge and now she doesn’t want anything else. Francie explains: “The main reason why we took up the challenge anyway, despite the fact that we could always find the information in the paper file quickly, is the fact that we work with medical data and we don’t want to run any security risks in that context.”

The digital, paper archive

Francie’s filling in: “The great advantage of Archive-IT’s digital file is that it looks exactly the same as the paper file. Tabs have been added, the look is the same as the paper file and there is even a browsing function that allows us to easily scroll through the files. These small features make a big difference. Thanks to the handy search function, all information can be found in no time. I sometimes jokingly call this our digital, paper file. For the professionals, the information can be retrieved digitally just as quickly as in the paper file, so no time is lost in the new way of working.”

The digital files can be consulted by the medical advisors via the iPad. The information is encrypted in such a way that if they lose their iPad, the information is not accessible to third parties.

Francie closes enthusiastically: “A few years ago, all files within De Bureaus were fully digitized, the paper files are no longer available at De Bureaus!”

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