Het Oogziekenhuis in Rotterdam is committed to providing the best eye care to young and old every day. This in combination with patient care, research and training. Everything for ophthalmology under one roof. Bert Snel, Manager I&A, MID and facility management, talks about the years of collaboration with Archive-IT.

Win-win situation

Het Oogziekenhuis in Rotterdam has been a customer of Archive-IT for years. In the context of digitisation, they decided to go with Archive-IT in 2011. The physical archive, of around 320,000 files and patient cards, which was no longer being consulted, was archived at Archive-IT. Bert: "The physical archive involved such high costs that external archiving was a logical choice. Because we moved the archive out of the house, the costs were considerably lower and we were able to use the space internally in a different way. A win-win situation." If they need a file, they can request it with Scanning on Demand. The 120,000 medical files that were still being consulted were digitised by Archive-IT.


Bert is responsible - among other things - for information management, automation, medical technology and facility management. "On the one hand, I am concerned with how we deal with the archive and on the other with how the software looks with the digitised information. We use the EPD system for the active files and the closed files are archived in Archive-IT's software. The EPD is therefore not burdened with information from the past and continues to work quickly. A positive aspect is that Archive-IT always thinks along to the customer's advantage. They are specialised and know how to deal with privacy sensitive information, especially in the healthcare sector. It gives us a good feeling that our files are stored safely and reliably at Archive-IT."

Making a difference

Bert continues: "Archive-IT has always cooperated transparently. Also when we had an audit done on the processes related to information security and GDPR. They really believe in what they are doing; a professional partner we have been able to rely on for years. If we have other priorities, they are happy to think along. This southern mentality results in a fine supplier where everything runs smoothly. I always get an answer to my questions within one day; those are the little things that make the difference."

We thank Het Oogziekenhuis for the trust they have placed in Archive-IT over the years!

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