External archive storage creates 'new' office space

When people suffer from physical complaints and are no longer able to do everything in the house themselves, Aafje Hulpthuis supports this group of people in Rotterdam and the surrounding area with help at home. The aim of all this is to allow people to live (for longer) in their own familiar surroundings, where they feel comfortable. Aafje is convinced that people stay healthy and vital longer if they are in charge of their own daily rhythm and if they feel at ease. At home.

Aafje Hulpthuis had a large archive stored in a space that could be used in a more valuable way. They have chosen to store this archive externally in Archive-IT's secure archives. Beate Geene, Facility Manager at Aafje, talks about the collaboration with Archive-IT.

Mastering the lack of space

Beate starts: "We were looking for a solution to outsource the archive, because we could simply use the space better. Our company is growing and that means that space in our office is becoming scarcer. If the archive, which is hardly ever consulted, is in a space that we could also use for offices, well, the choice is easily made. So I started looking for archiving parties on the internet and that's when we came across Archive-IT, among others. I contacted several parties to see what would suit us best. We are dealing with privacy sensitive information, so I wanted to handle this project very carefully. Think, for example, of personnel data, administration, but also customer data."

Safe archiving

"In the end we compared several parties, but the good feeling we had with Archive-IT was the deciding factor. We focused on the level of information security; that was an important criterion for us. When you add to that the flexibility, the ability to think along with us, and the fact that they kept their promises - even in the early stages - that gives you confidence. And they lived up to that trust. I found it quite exciting, because it was quite a job. I had expected that they would be working on it for weeks and that things were bound to go wrong, but actually those worries were taken away from the start. It's really nice to know that it's going to be all right," says Beate.

Solution for retention periods

Beate adds: "The aim was not only to gain space. We now also have a solution for streamlining retention periods. Archive-IT has introduced the year of destruction in the registration. This way we can have a destruction round every year, so the paper archive will eventually die out. At this moment Archive-IT does not add any more paper archives, because we have digitized and new information is created digitally. Archive-IT's solutions therefore go a considerable step further than 'just' placing the archive externally. They have been well thought out, meet strict security requirements and facilitate the implementation of a deletion policy. That is what I call unburdening!"

Archive-IT thanks Aafje Hulpthuis for their trust in our solutions, organisation and especially in our people.

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