Since 2000 Stichting Meedoen in Rotterdam offers material and immaterial support to school children aged 4 to 18 from Rotterdam families with minimal financial means. Participating in Rotterdam focuses on preventing social exclusion of these children by allowing them to participate in indoor and outdoor school activities. Stichting Meedoen in Rotterdam has been a satisfied customer of the services and software of Archive-IT since 2017. Caroline van Laar, coordinator at Stichting Meedoen in Rotterdam, talks about her experiences with Archive-IT.

How did you end up at Archive-IT?

“In those days we still made use of physical suspension files that we filed in filing cabinets. As an organisation, however, we have grown so much over the years that at one point there were more than 4,000 suspension files. We could no longer see the wood for the trees and space became increasingly limited. As a result, searching between these mountains of files became more and more difficult. A solution had to be found as soon as possible. After researching possible solutions, we ended up at Archive-IT. When Archive-IT explained the possibilities during an appointment and gave a demo of the system, we were immediately sold.”

Digitising files

Archive-IT has digitised two years of client files for Stichting Meedoen in Rotterdam. In addition, they have chosen to import the digitised files into the Virtual Archive. A system in which they still work on a daily basis to consult documents, but also to add new information. With this, Stichting Meedoen in Rotterdam has been given a lot of space. Caroline: “We have not only saved space, but also time. If we are looking for something, we can find it very quickly and easily. That is a relief.”

How do you experience the Virtual Archive?

“The Virtual Archive is very user-friendly. At the beginning we were rather hesitant about the choice to go completely digital. Especially because we are used to old-fashioned archiving. But it worked out very well and so far it all runs smoothly and without any problems. I also like the fact that the Virtual Archive is still being further developed and optimized. For example, we find the Virtual Printer Driver to be a very valuable functionality. With this you can digitally ‘print’ a document, so that it immediately ends up in the right file.”

Customer-friendly and professional

Caroline closes with: “I can recommend every organisation to work with the Virtual Archive when it comes to managing (digital) files. Not only the system is recommended, but also Archive-IT as an organisation. If I need help, I can always call and get friendly help. I also love thinking along with us! Professionalism and customer-friendliness are the order of the day at Archive-IT.”

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