ZorgSaam Zorggroep Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the specialist in care for young and old in the region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and beyond. ZorgSaam offers hospital care, ambulance care, home care and care for the elderly. With these different components they are able to offer seamless care.


ZorgSaam and Archive-IT have been working together for quite some time. For example, Archive-IT has already carried out a number of digitisation assignments for ZorgSaam in the past and a large number of files are stored externally in Archive-IT’s premises in Reuver. A recently completed order, for example, is the digitization of the 65,000 files from 2018-2019. In addition, ZorgSaam is working with Archive-IT’s software solution: the Virtual Archive. They use this application to manage and consult all files. It also makes it easy for them to digitally request files that are stored at Archive-IT.

Secure archive storage

ZorgSaam and Archive-IT are currently retrieving the archive stored in ZorgSaam’s VIBO cellar. This archive consists of 106,000 medical files from different departments. Ron de Pré, Guest Service Team Leader, explains: “The main reason for choosing to outsource our archive was the lack of space we had to deal with. We wanted to remove as much old archive as possible from the hospital and were therefore looking for an external party to store the files. In making this choice, both security and management of the archive played a major role. The Archive-IT building meets all safety standards and was the perfect choice.”

Storage at file level

ZorgSaam has chosen for storage at file level. Here the files are stored on an individual level and each file is labeled. Ron explains: “It varies per department how many files will still be needed in the future. Some departments will use the files more often than other departments, which is difficult to determine in advance. It is therefore very convenient that we can use Scanning on Demand. This way, we always have a file available within 1.5 hours.”

Archive IT

Ron continues: “The collaboration with Archive-IT is very good. If I have any questions about anything, I’m helped immediately and my doubts are quickly dispelled. What I particularly like about Archive-IT is how they have arranged the logistics process. From extraction to transport: everything is done with great precision! I am very impressed by this.”

Archive-IT thanks ZorgSaam for the trust!

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