When you think of solid, reliable products for in and around the house, you quickly think of Brabantia. The brand that is celebrating its centenary this year has developed from a company with a single office in Aalst into a multinational company active in more than 80 countries.

The transition to digital

With the idea of being able to provide access for authorised employees “at the touch of a button” in the future, Brabantia chose to have its paper personnel files digitised and imported into Cobra. Petra Hasselo, HR manager at Brabantia Nederland, sees this not only as a way to keep up with the times, but also as a preparation for the future.

Safety is essential

Petra: “The first thing I was positively surprised about at Archive-IT was the extensive and impressive tour of the buildings of Archive-IT. Once there, I realized the careful procedures that have to be followed, because the information is sensitive and highly confidential.

From the moment of collection to the moment of return, strict security measures are taken, which made me think: wow, they really mean business! This not only gave me confidence in Archive-IT, but also led me to the conclusion that the level of professionalism is impressive.”

Communication during the process

“During the digitisation process, I particularly enjoyed the proactive attitude of Archive-IT. As soon as I didn’t receive a response from my side, I immediately got a message asking if I needed help. The staff at Archive-IT are really on top of it to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and in accordance with the agreed schedule. I was always helped neatly, quickly and kindly when I had questions; I find that very pleasant and important.”

Petra concludes her story with the following words: “Now that we have a digitised archive, a lot of HRM processes can take place much faster. Both my colleagues and I benefit a lot from this.”

Archive-IT thanks Brabantia for the trust!

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