The Marnix Academie is the largest teacher training college of the central Netherlands, which exclusively focuses on teacher training for primary education. In addition, the Marnix Education Centre provides further training and expertise development for people already working in education. The academy is located in Utrecht. The Marnix Academie is increasingly digitising and has had its paper personnel files digitised and integrated into People Inc. in collaboration with Archive-IT. Curious about their experience? Gertjan Jolink, P&O Advisor, tells about the project!

Choice for Archive-IT

Gertjan says: "During the introductory meeting, it was very clearly explained to me how Archive-IT works and which choices there are. It was very nice that they thought along from the point of view of Marnix Academie. We have oriented ourselves via Google and compared several parties. The pleasant explanation, the teamwork and the customised proposal were the deciding factors for us to go with Archive-IT. The emphasis that was put on the content, such as planning, layout of the digital file and the aftercare was very enlightening. It was also very pleasant that Archive-IT digitised the files in such a way that they could be reliably and easily imported into People Inc.

Progress of the project

"Once we had made our choice, a project manager from Archive-IT went through everything with us in detail. The planning was made in consultation, and the procedure for when we needed a file during the digitisation was also discussed well, so that we could request it as a priority. We applied this in practice and it went well, allowing us to view the required file remotely in no time. Ultimately, all agreements were met according to plan and we experienced no problems during the project," says Gertjan.

Digitalisation of files

Compared to a paper file, a digital file has many advantages. Gertjan is very enthusiastic about this and indicates that the digital personnel files are a huge improvement. "In particular, the transparency towards the employees has grown. As an employee, you have the right to inspect your own personnel file and now that it is digital, we can offer this proactively and transparently. Everyone has the option of viewing his/her own personnel file at any time and place. Furthermore, a manager can easily view the files of the employees in his team. We not only save on paper costs, but also on internal space. Not to mention the time savings we achieve, as we can consult the files quickly and anywhere at any time. This definitely leads to more efficiency in our daily work."

Now that the project has been completed and Marnix Academie has been working with the digital files for a while, Gertjan says it can rightly be called a successful project. "To me, keeping agreements, neatly following the planning and clear communication are the main reasons why the project was successful. Communication is key, and Archive-IT has certainly proved itself in this respect!

We would like to thank Marnix Academie for their trust in Archive-IT!

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