Paagman has three large branches in Zuid-Holland where they sell both office supplies and books. In addition, they are the regular supplier to medium-sized and large companies and institutions for daily office consumables.

Paagman has created a large archive with financial and administrative information. Something had to be done about this. They have chosen to store their archive externally in Archive-IT’s secure premises. Nina van Oel, captain B2B & Logistics at Paagman, supervised this project from Paagman and talks about her experiences with Archive-IT.

The solution for lack of space

Nina van Oel explains: “The main reason for placing our archive outside the door was because of the lack of space we experienced. This is mainly a financial archive, which we are required by law to preserve for seven years. At one point, our archive space became so full that we started thinking about an alternative. We were able to use the space where our archive was located in a much better and more valuable way. We don’t need the archive documents anymore, or only need them a little, and then the external situation would be better. After seven years of storage, we can destroy the archive, and Archive-IT also offers this service. The ideal solution for us!”

Relationship of trust

Nina van Oel continues her story: “We didn’t just make the choice for Archive-IT. We ended up at Archive-IT via its sister company Jalema. We have been a customer of Jalema for years and during that time we have built up a good relationship of trust. The step from Jalema to Archive-IT was therefore quickly made and immediately felt good. Archive-IT has lived up to our expectations and the process has been very smooth and smooth. The most important aspect for me was that they relieved us of our worries and did most of the thinking for us. Everything was arranged for us!”

Archive-IT thanks Paagman for the trust!

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