Personnel files

An HRM department within an organisation often has to deal with various information islands. HR systems such as Visma | Raet or AFAS are frequently used, but there is also a paper-based history of personnel files. In addition, digital files of employees are sometimes archived in a folder structure on a shared drive. Not efficient, not compliant and not transparent.

A digital personnel file

Many existing systems have a module for archiving documents as an online personnel file. By digitising the history of personnel files and integrating them with the package you work with, one overview is created with all the information about a staff member. You can also finally get rid of that chest of drawers containing paper documents. If, in addition to paper files, you also have digital folders, it is also possible to migrate these to your digital application. This way, you not only have direct access to all information of one employee, but you can also give that same employee transparent access to his/her own file.


There are a number of possibilities for digitising your paper personnel files. Roughly speaking, we can distinguish three forms:

  • Digitisation at file/tab level.
  • Digitisation using selected key documents.
  • Digitisation at the document level.

Non-obligatory advice

In order to discover which way of digitisation best suits your wishes, requirements and budget, we always advise you to have a talk with one of our colleagues, without any obligations. Together with you, we will look at the layout of the paper files, the layout you use (or want to use) digitally and your requirements in terms of ease of use.

Why digitise?

  • Valuable space is freed up.
  • A single overview of all personnel information is created.
  • You can comply with AVG legislation and regulations more easily.
  • Security and authorisations are better guaranteed.
  • You offer transparency towards your employees.
  • You can carry out your work independently of time and place.

Integration with your system

Archive-IT has connections with systems like AFAS and Visma | Raet. This way we make sure that all digitalised documents are imported directly into your system and are assigned to the right employee. Without you having to put in any work or energy. Do you work with a package with which we do not have a standard interface? No problem at all! Archive-IT will talk to the supplier and make sure that the digitised files are delivered in the correct way, so that they can be imported in bulk. Curious about whether we can integrate with your package? Ask us via the contact form below.

Create added value by vitalising

Archive-IT uses smart technology to turn unstructured data into structured information. We do this by applying classification, data extraction and OCR, amongst other things. In this way we provide your documents with metadata, which then helps you (for example) to find the right information, to categorise documents and to set up your retention policy. Read more about how this process works!

The process & costs

It all starts with a no-obligation consultation. Then a quotation will be drawn up for you. Do you agree? Then we will proceed with the implementation. You can find the steps your project goes through on our digitisation digitisation page. 

During the offer phase, we will inform you of the costs. Because the costs of digitising personnel files depend greatly on the scope, the method of digitisation and the technology we use, we always make a customised proposal.


Fill in the form and make an (online) appointment with one of our employees. Other questions? Request more information here.


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