Digital compliancy

The mountain of digital data in every organisation is getting bigger and bigger. As a result, one loses the overview and it is impossible to comply with the correct legislation and regulations. There is often a wide variety of 'places' for the digital archiving of data. For example, part of it is in the CRM system and in the ERP package, where other information is obtained via Outlook, SharePoint or other systems. Also, many documents are still stored locally on a disk. Because documents were not given the right characteristics, searching, finding and storing them in accordance with a proper retention policy is a major challenge for many organisations. The overview is lost and the reliability leaves much to be desired. So start with a digital archive.


AIR stands for Assured Integration of Records and is used as an umbrella system to create order in the digital chaos. Digital documents must comply with many requirements, which must be recorded in a digital archive. AIR offers all functionalities to record this in a user-friendly, applicable and fully compliant way. With AIR we use the power of metadata to classify, navigate, search and find.


Some of the functionalities AIR has to offer you:

  • Digital archiving and management, at document level.
  • Metadata-driven.
  • Setting up an archive to characterise document types.
  • Automatic creation of a comprehensive and detailed retention policy.
  • Records Management.
  • Numerous integration possibilities with external systems.


  • Upload documents from all sources.
  • Each user can view and access documents from their own perspective.
  • Workflow management.
  • Contract management.
  • Easy sharing of documents, also with people outside your organisation.
  • Extensive rights and authorisation structure possible.
  • Security rules can be set at document level.

Offloading data

A digital archive with closed documents is one thing. Another application of AIR is that it relieves existing systems. Because data, in whatever form and in whatever system, grows exponentially, primary systems become overloaded. With performance issues and unnecessary frustrations as a result. Offloading data provides space. Archive-IT ensures that certain closed data is extracted from the primary system and imported into AIR.

This achieves:

  • The primary system, which is required on a daily basis, increases in performance due to less data.
  • You can immediately implement a retention policy for closed documents, so you retain nothing longer than necessary.
  • Smarter use of storage capacity can result in cost savings.

The process

We start by taking stock of the needs. What are the obstacles and how can AIR offer a solution? A short demo presentation also takes place during the introduction. After a tailor-made proposal and an in-depth, extensive demo, the choice is yours. Do you opt for digital archiving with Archive-IT? Then the following process will start.

  1. Defining document types & corresponding metadata
  2. AIR concept design
  3. Implementation and final design

Demo request

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