Housing corporations

The archives of housing corporations often consist of complicated files. Think for example of building files, tenant files, plot archives or complex files. In addition to regular documentation, these files usually consist of building drawings and permits, but may also contain photographs or other unusual formats. As a result, the files take up a lot of space and are not always clear. Scanning your archive and then digitally archiving offers a solution to this problem!

Scanning files

With Archive-IT’s advanced scanners, the files can be digitised entirely according to your wishes. This allows us to scan both large and small formats in the same process. In addition, it is possible to opt for scanning in two resolutions. For example, the high-resolution files can be transferred to BIM and the low-resolution files can be used as a working document. When scanning the files, we guarantee that the quality is maintained and we strive for an efficient and workable solution for our customers.

Would you like to know more about large format scanning? Take a look at our page about large format scanning!


After the files have been digitised, we advise you to archive them digitally. With AIR, we offer one umbrella system in which the entire archive can be recorded and managed. By adding metadata, each file can be retrieved quickly. The individual documents and/or drawings recorded in the file can also be found quickly. Think, for example, of a search by street name + house number or zip code. There is also the possibility to add data extraction and classification. Ideal for recognizing authenticated drawings and documents, which often need to be preserved for a long period of time because of their legal value. If desired, we link a retention period to these documents.


Digital archiving with AIR has many advantages. For example:

  • Optimisation of services
  • User rights are easy to define
  • Documents can be shared in a secure way
  • The archiving and management of documents is carried out entirely in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Saving physical archive space
  • Create an overview in the large amount of information
  • Automated workflows
  • Files are stored centrally and are accessible anytime, anywhere

As a housing corporation, are you interested in digitising and/or digitally archiving your archive? Or are you curious about the solution we can offer you? Do not hesitate to contact us!