Pallet storage

Archive documents often have to comply with a mandatory retention period prescribed by law. As a result, archive rooms get quite full, while the documents are hardly needed any more. Palletised storage offers the solution!

Simple and effective!

The solution for overcrowded archive rooms and mandatory retention periods. Whether it's binders, archive boxes, moving boxes or loose files. With pallet storage we always find a solution for your archive. We will take over your archive completely and register it with Archive-IT when it arrives. In addition to this, we will gladly assist you in removing and packing the archive material for transport. From A to Z!


The valuable space within your organisation is freed up again. You can certainly use it in a better and more efficient way. Because we register the archive documents on entry, using the information we obtain from the customer, you can always find your archive. You get access to our Virtual Archive Basic environment to manage all your archive documents. Do you need something? Via Scanning on Demand or our physical courier service, you can access the files you need at any time.

Why pallet storage?

  • Easily manage the destruction years in the Virtual Archive Basic.
  • Saving space and increasing efficiency.
  • Return of your archive documents within 24 hours.


At Archive-IT, security is our number one priority. We take the highest achievable measures to ensure that your archive is safe and is handled with care. Both on a physical and digital level. Our Privacy- and Security Officer, together with our Data Protection Officer, make sure that all our processes and activities are fully compliant with the GDPR.


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