As soon as documents are digital, either at the source or digitised, it does not mean that information can immediately be extracted from them. Sometimes digitisation results in only a 'flat image', or digital documents do not contain the correct names and metadata. It is also experienced as difficult to carry out searches across large quantities of documents.

Enriching data

By applying smart technologies, unstructured data is elevated to structured data. All with the aim of ensuring better document retrieval. However, complying with laws and regulations is also an important motive to vitalise your documents and provide them with the right metadata.

Get more out of your data

If you choose to vitalise, there are several components to achieving this as smoothly and accurately as possible. The first step is classification, in combination with OCR. Next, we extract and index to get the right information from the documents. This data needs to be validated in order to deliver a reliable result. Finally, all collected metadata is exported and delivered as agreed. Targeted, efficient and complete.


  • Link metadata to digital files.
  • Easily set up a retention policy on the basis of metadata.
  • Give documents the correct file name.
  • Extract specific data from specific documents.
  • Make connections between different documents.
  • Find the right result quickly with an accurate search function.



Optical Character Recognition realises searchability of the text on the digital documents.

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Data extraction

Specific data are extracted from the digital document and linked to the file as metadata.

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Documents are categorised by software in order to turn unstructured data into structured information.

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Digital archive

If you opt for vitalisation, data enrichment will be applied. It is also important that this data is made accessible in a safe, structured and reliable manner. A digital archive is a must. Are you curious about the possibilities for a digital archive that allows you to consult and store documents efficiently and in accordance with legislation? Then read on!


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