Digital working in education has been embraced to a large extent. Nevertheless, we still come across many paper files from the past and various information flows can be distinguished within this sector. Think of personnel files, student files, grades, diplomas and for example administration files. All these sources of information often mean that there is no central overview, files are difficult to find and share and inefficiency is the result. Compliance with laws and regulations on retention periods and transparency is also a challenge for many educational institutions.

What your educational institution wants to achieve:

  • Documents that can be accessed from multiple locations.
  • No more unnecessary searching for the right document.
  • Automatically manage retention periods in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Digitisation means no more paper within your organisation.
  • Extensive logging when it comes to information security.
  • Easy sharing of documents, with people inside and outside your organisation.
  • Set up authorisations and rights in the right way.


We advise you to digitise the personnel and student files that are still part of your current work processes. An advisor from Archive-IT will look with you at which way of digitalisation suits your situation best. Archive-IT has a lot of experience in the education sector when it comes to digitization, we can help you with the layout, the metadata and much more.

Advantages digital file

  • One document can be consulted by several people at the same time.
  • Only accessible to authorised employees.
  • Documents are always accessible, no matter where you are.
  • Fast searching and finding by assigning attributes.
  • With an automated retention policy, you only keep what you need.
  • Easy sharing with internal and external persons.
  • Documents are safely stored according to GDPR guidelines.
  • Valuable space in your organisation is freed up.


Do you still have paper personnel files within your educational institution? Then it is advisable to have these digitised directly into your HR system. Archive-IT for example has connections with AFAS and Visma | Raet, where the digitized files are imported directly into your own application under the right employee. Are you working with a different package? No problem at all. Archive-IT makes sure that it is delivered correctly, so that it can be imported in bulk.

Digital archiving

With pupil files or other documents, we often see that the current applications are not sufficiently capable of searching across documents/files, or of linking the right retention periods to the right document types. Therefore Archive-IT has developed software in which this can be done easily and in accordance with laws and regulations. By assigning metadata to individual documents, you can search across dossiers and documents. Looking for that one diploma? It will be at your disposal within a few mouse clicks. Curious about this technology? Here we tell you more about it!

Physical archiving

Physical archiving offers the solution for files that are rarely or never consulted. Think, for example, of files of employees who have left their jobs, or documents of students who have left the school a long time ago. Financial documents from the administration are also often still on paper. These documents often have to comply with a retention period and are no longer part of the current work processes. Do you unexpectedly still need a document? Then request it via our Scanning on Demand service. You will then receive the file physically or digitally, depending on your needs.


Customer case

Kindante wanted all data of an employee to be retrieved in one central place. Read more about which suitable solution Archive-IT offered for this.

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