Construction files

Construction files are often thick dossiers with different paper sizes. This is frustrating and not easy to keep track of. The overview gets lost and pages get lost. Sharing with external parties is also difficult, because paper can only be in one location at a time. Because drawings are also used on location, copies are created. This is not the most reliable working method for the various versions and any modifications. A digital construction file creates a single truth, more efficient execution of work and space savings.

User-friendly archive

Construction files have to be kept until the relevant building is demolished. This takes up unnecessary space that you can much better use for other purposes. Access your digital construction files quickly and efficiently in just a few clicks.

With Archive-IT's advanced scanners the files can be digitised as desired. All documents larger than A3 are digitized on a large format scanner. This is then merged with the A3 and smaller documents. It is also possible to choose for scanning in two resolutions. The high resolution scans are transferred to BIM and the low resolutions are used as working documents. The low-resolution scans are smaller in file size, allowing you to switch between documents more quickly without having to wait for the large file to be opened. When you need more detailed information, consult the high resolution drawings.

No hindrance during digitisation

We collect the documents from your archive and transport them to Archive-IT. Do you need a document quickly or unexpectedly during the digitalisation process? Request it with priority via our software. During office hours you will have the file digitally available within 1.5 hours! This way you will experience little to no inconvenience during the digitalisation process.

Advantages digital construction file

  • Consult the construction file in several locations.
  • User-friendly consultation.
  • Valuable space is freed up.
  • Zoom in on detailed information on drawings.
  • Only for authorised staff.
  • Set retention and deletion policies.
  • Link metadata to your files and/or documents.

Privacy and security

Archive-IT works according to the highest security standards. For example, we are ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 9001 (quality management of processes) certified. You can find more information about how Archive-IT deals with information security on our security page.


The digitisation of your construction files at Archive-IT takes place on the basis of the following steps:

1. Inventory
2. Quotation
3. Agreement & planning
4. Transport
5. Registration
6. Scan-ready and clean-up
7. Digitalising
8. Vitalise
9. Export
10. Destroy/Save/Return

Detailed information on the roadmap can be found here.


The cost of digitising your construction files depends on a number of indicators. On the basis of these parameters an advisor from Archive-IT will draw up a proposal for you. The advice and introduction meeting is free of obligations. We are happy to come and take a look on location, or coordinate the situation with you remotely. A conversation to discuss your wishes is valuable because there are several options. We will then give you a realistic picture of digitisation. Contact us or complete the contact form below and you will receive a customised proposal without obligation.


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