In our section 'Employees in the spotlight' we like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day Archive-IT is committed to support organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. Besides that we develop software to guarantee safe digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motivations of the Archive-IT team members? Time for a look behind the scenes.

This time, the spotlight is on Rob Pijpers. Rob joined Archive-IT in December 2023, as a manager in the marketing and sales department. We are happy to introduce him to you!

What did you do before this and how did you end up at Archive-IT?

'After my studies, I started at Océ in Den Bosch, where I worked at the sales department for five years. Then I started working at the international headquarters in Venlo, where I had the opportunity to fly around the world for Océ for five years. When Canon acquired Océ, I worked for Canon Europe in London for two years. Travelling and my growing children made me decide to make a change. I found my way to Services Valley, the incubator of Océ and Canon, where I worked a lot with startups. After almost two years, LIOF knocked on my door and I made the switch. I had eight wonderful years there and worked with great pleasure and super nice colleagues. However, after some time the real business world started to pull me back in. Then I wrote down ten points that my next challenge should meet. Thanks to a connection with Paul via LinkedIn, I ended up at Archive-IT. After a nice conversation, the decision was soon made! In December 2023, my adventure at Archive-IT began.'

Can you tell a bit more about your position at Archive-IT?

‘At Archive-IT, I am responsible for sales and marketing. My marketing responsibilities cover the entire group, all countries and all labels. And my sales work focuses mainly on the Dutch-speaking area! We do everything together with the team and everything as much as possible in consultation, including with other departments and colleagues!’

And what does your average workday look like?

‘There are always ongoing projects, both in marketing and sales. Recently, the acquisition of Novodoc took place and we are working on repositioning. In addition, we naturally maintain contact with both existing and potential customers. In the beginning, the world of Archive-IT was of course totally new to me. Fortunately, there are many colleagues with a lot of experience in the market. I hope I can add something with my knowledge, experience and my own insights so that we can celebrate many joint successes.'

Nice to know: Rob and seven others have a cooking club, "cooking club 't Vettig Rendje". With the cooking club, they cook with and for each other four times a year in pairs.

What do you get satisfaction from while working?

‘First of all, you have to like the work; you have to be able to go to work whistling and also go home whistling. I find that extremely important. It also helps if you have great colleagues and the atmosphere on the shop floor is good. That atmosphere is good as far as I'm concerned. It is also great when successes are achieved: when a marketing campaign catches on, for example, when a new assignment or order comes in and we subsequently hear from the customer that they are extremely happy with the work delivered! I certainly get satisfaction from that.'

What makes Archive-IT the organisation you love working for?

'As mentioned earlier, I had written down those 10 points for myself. The tick marks I could put after those points after the first talks, I can still put now. There is room for fun here, but serious work is also done. The atmosphere is good. That makes it really fun for me.'

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