Archive-IT's Social Fund makes quarterly donations to (local) charities, great initiatives, and special actions. We can do this because all employees put aside part of their profit distribution, after which the management doubles this amount. In the first quarter of 2024, we made several donations, which we would like to inform you about.

Maria Auxiliatrix Run

The M.A. -Run in Venlo is an annual event where people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate as passengers in a sidecar ride. It is much more than just a ride; it is an experience that offers them a sense of freedom and adventure. It is an unforgettable weekend of celebration! Moreover, the event helps raise awareness of the needs and abilities of people with disabilities.

NAH Eindelijk

NAH Eindelijk is an organisation focused on supporting people with Non-Angerelated Brain Injury. Our donation supports their mission to provide innovative, tailored help. This includes investment in high-quality materials, research into new approaches, and collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. The donation contributes to activities such as coaching programs and awareness-raising initiatives. In this way, it helps to promote the independence and well-being of people with NAH and improve their quality of life.

Isa Heesbeen

Isa Heesbeen was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of liver cancer. Despite this challenge, she decided to make her dream of running her own business a reality. She designed the ISA tabouret, with part of the proceeds being donated to the KWF cancer charity. With determination and creativity, Isa uses her own experiences to inspire others while contributing to the fight against cancer.


Children in the hospital receive a set of LEGO, designed by Arne Dielis and Sander van Kreijl. With these LEGO animals, the children can express their creativity and show emotions by changing the eyes of the animals. This is the initiative of VieAmi, an organisation dedicated to the well-being of sick children!

Kinderhospice Kwatro

Kinderhospice Kwatro is there for seriously and/or incurably ill children aged 0 to 18 years, and their families. They provide care that focuses on four main areas of concern. First, they provide day and night care, together with parents, practitioners, and medical staff, to ensure a complete approach to children's care. In addition, they offer support to parents, with a meeting place for sharing experiences and finding support. Emotional support is also offered to siblings of sick children. Moreover, Kinderhospice Kwatro also invests in the professional development of care professionals, to improve child care in the Netherlands. With recognised training in development and ANBI-approved charity status, Kinderhospice Kwatro is committed to the well-being of sick children and their families.

Ronald McDonald Huis Sophia Rotterdam

For more than 35 years, the Ronald McDonald Huis Sophia Rotterdam has brought parents closer to their sick children. With 11 locations across the Netherlands, parents and family members can stay within walking distance of the hospital. Ronald McDonald House Sophia Rotterdam, also known as a 'home away from home', offers parents the opportunity to read a bedtime story to their child.

You too may suggest charities that could use a one-off donation. These will be considered by the Social Fund and who knows, we may be able to help. Together we are strong! Contact us at 

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