Archive destruction is the destruction of an overage or surplus archive. The main reason for choosing archive destruction is to exceed the minimum retention period or to reach the maximum retention period. How exactly does this work and how does Archive-IT work when a client orders the destruction of an archive? We explain it!

Retention periods

It can be quite time-consuming to structure and store documents in the right way. Almost all documents nowadays have mandatory retention periods, such as medical files (15 years) or personnel files (7 years). Non-compliance with these guidelines can lead to difficult legal processes or even a visit by the tax authorities. In order to make things a little easier for the customer, retention periods can be tracked in a clear manner in the Archive-IT system!

Destruction in a safe way

Once the storage period has expired, the document may be destroyed. It is important that the destruction takes place in a safe manner. Of course, you don’t want your confidential documents to be left on the street just like that. It often turns out that the measures that companies take to destroy documents are not always effective enough. Due to the progressive techniques, it is becoming easier and easier to trace paper residues back to the original document. That is why companies must set stricter requirements on the way in which they destroy their documents in order to be able to comply with the GDPR.

Cooperation with SUEZ

When it comes to archive destruction, Archive-IT works together with SUEZ. Archive-IT only starts the destruction process when the customer orders it. SUEZ then ensures that your documents are destroyed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. In order to be able to achieve this, they have developed a container that is specifically used for archive destruction, namely: the SECURE-DATA container. In addition, they have all the necessary certificates, which are prescribed by the laws and regulations. Destruction takes place in a completely closed circuit. Together with SUEZ, Archive-IT is committed to relieving the customer of all their worries and to carrying out archive destruction in accordance with strict requirements. After the destruction has been carried out, the customer receives a certificate of destruction.

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