In 2020, a lot of things are about to happen again in the field of digital transformation. What to think of the even faster internet network 5G, a faster WiFi network called WiFi 6 and the fact that companies will do more and more to personal privacy. In this blog we zoom in on a small selection of the digital transformation trends that await us all in the coming year!

Trend 1: Digital Privacy

2019 is the year that everyone has been working hard to fully set up all business processes in order to comply with the GDPR Act, which entered into force in mid-2018. By 2020, this secure basis will be in place for most companies. As a result, information security is already at an adequate level. Nevertheless, last year several companies were fingerprinted by the Personal Data Authority. In 2020, this trend will continue and controls will also be strengthened. It is therefore important to maintain this level of security with regard to privacy and to continuously improve it. Attention must not slacken now. This has high priority at Archive-IT. Read more about it here!

Trend 2: 5G Network

In 2020 the 5G network will be officially rolled out. Not only for mobile phone users, but also the business community will benefit enormously from this. Because the internet speed will increase a lot, companies can use it to control machines, doctors can use it to perform operations remotely and further technological developments can take place to test and take things to a higher level.

Trend 3: Analysis brings competitive advantage

In 2020 it will be more important than ever to analyse your customer data. It will be noticed that companies (will) use different analysis tools in order to stay ahead of the competition. By collecting useful data, you can quickly find out where your customer’s needs lie. This does not only apply to customer data; analyzing data to get more out of it – for whatever purpose – than just flat data, will gain more and more ground. If we look at information management and document management, more data analyses will take place to turn data into information.

Trend 4: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a development that enables companies to further automate their processes without the need for adjustments to the ICT system. It is a particular software that logs on to the systems allowing it to learn from mouse and keyboard behavior. In this way, the system can learn from routine work and take the ‘boring’ work of staff out of their hands. This is therefore more often used for actions that occur regularly or to transfer data from one system to another. RPA is becoming smarter and smarter because it learns from itself through AI (Artificial Intelligence). RPA can work independently, but can also be controlled by an employee, which makes it function as a virtual assistant.

Trend 5: WiFi 6

In 2020 there will be more and more WiFi 6, the successor to WiFi 5 that everyone now uses. WiFi 6 will ensure that WiFi connections will be even faster and that even more devices will be able to work simultaneously on a single WiFi connection. If only a few devices use WiFi, there won’t be much difference compared to WiFi 5. But if multiple devices are connected to the network at the same time, the speed of the internet will remain the same at all times. In that case, the speed will decrease with WiFi 5.

This is just a few of the digital developments we are facing in the new year. Archive-IT is looking forward to a new year full of digital technologies, with which we can make our services and products more intelligent again and again.

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