Whatever the sector: it is impossible to imagine not working digitally. The education sector is certainly no exception. Digital education is the order of the day, partly due to COVID-19. In addition, digital solutions and systems that both pupils and parents can work with are fully accepted. Nevertheless, when it comes to digitisation and digital archiving, there are still quite a few challenges for education.


At schools many documents can still be found in paper form. Partly from the past, but even today paper documents are often created and archived. Think of paper personnel files that have not yet been integrated into a digital system. But also think of (former) student files, full of diplomas that often have to be kept for years. Apart from the fact that rooms are full and can undoubtedly be used better, many actions are needed to search and find a specific diploma of a (former) student, for example. Careful digitisation offers a solution to this problem.

Digital archiving

However, it does not stop with the digitisation of paper documents. A good system for digital archiving is often lacking. Current document management systems do not fully meet the requirements of the GDPR for the proper archiving of documents. One system in which all information, from whatever source, is archived; there are still many digital opportunities for education.

Retention obligations and retention policy

The automatic linking of retention periods to documents is very important in order to implement a sound retention policy. By recording this per document type and then automating it, you are fully compliant with the GDPR and no unnecessary data is stored. In addition, the overview is often lost, even digitally. It is therefore very important to have a good archiving system, where you can safeguard both your students’ documents and other administrative processes.

Search, find and share

Does a student request a diploma? Or an employee who requests a specific document from his personnel file? Sometimes it is even former employees who still need a document for their pension. That is where the search begins. By working with an application like AIR, searching is a thing of the past. Because the system is fully metadata controlled, you can easily navigate to the specific document and consult it. Then you can safely make the document available to someone else. Even to someone who does not work or study at your school. By creating a temporary personal archive, you give the other person access to the document; with full logging. You can put a time limit on it and the circle is complete. Safe, efficient and effective.

By further digitising the information flows within the education sector and setting them up digitally, optimisations are the result. Do you see opportunities for your educational institution? We would be happy to exchange ideas with you!

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