A stately canal house of several centuries old. Marble in the reception area, tasteful wooden panelling, leather armchairs and large cupboards full of centimetre thick files in every room. This is still a dominant image among the general public when it comes to a reputable law firm, a notary’s office or any other traditional law firm. Is this image still true?

Working digitally in legal practice

Digital working has already been introduced in many industries and the benefits are numerous. If all data is stored digitally in a logical way and made accessible to employees with the right authorisation, this will make a significant difference in storage space and therefore in the rental price of your building, which is often based on square or cubic metres. Digitized information can be consulted at all times, even by several people at the same time. Data in the cloud that can also be accessed externally, gives your employees the opportunity to be productive outside the office. Is this also possible in your practice? Can digitisation meet all the requirements for records management, especially with the legal requirements for privacy that are so important for your industry?

Digital archive management with good results

In order to digitise your files and switch from a paper to a digital office, a systematic approach is needed, which guarantees your continuity. Files that are frequently needed are scanned immediately by means of Bulkscanning and the files that are less often needed are digitized by means of Scanning on demand upon request. This way you are digital, without incurring the costs for complete digitisation. Archive-IT can digitise your archive and current files in a short period of time, with the utmost discretion on our part. New documents can be added to your digital archive by yourself via the Scan Suite. Your digital archive, but also your physical archive, is in safe hands with us. We make no concessions whatsoever with regard to the safety and integrity of your stored data.

Digital working is easy to learn

Together with you, we will be happy to draw up an action plan to make your office as digital as possible. Building the right structure together to ensure that your data can only be accessed by the employees you authorize is the basis. But that’s not all. Archive-IT knows from experience that writing clear instructions ensures a fast transition and continuity of your business processes.

You will notice how easy and comfortable the modern digital legal office works in practice.

Archive-IT will be present at PLEIT, the event for ICT in legal practice, on 11 October. PLEIT is for lawyers, notaries and bailiffs who are looking for practical guidelines to optimize their ICT services. Archive-IT will also organize several sessions; Two steps forward, one step back.

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