The beginning of spring. A period with (hopefully) a lot of sunshine, the first flowers that will bloom again and the birds that whistle abundantly. Spring is the ideal time for many people to put their broom through the closet. The garden is made ready for spring, the house is thoroughly cleaned up and polished: the well-known spring cleaning is just around the corner!

Cleaned up, at home and at workIn addition to your private environment, the spring cleaning can also be used in a very enlightening way within your working environment. Because if something brings peace of mind to your head and around you, it’s a tidy workplace. A work environment where you don’t have to look for that one document among the piles of paper. A workplace where old filing cabinets make way for new, modern desks. Maybe the entire archive space will be transformed into a new office space, or a relaxation and lounge area for the staff?! Are you looking forward to spring? We do!

Start simpleFirst things first. That all sounds easy of course, but where do you start? Your desk, your colleagues’ desks, the chest of drawers and that archive in the basement. You didn’t just get rid of that. Tip: divide your archive documents into two categories:

  1. Archive that you need frequently. The dynamic, topical items that you regularly use within the work process;
  2. Archive that is no longer consulted on a daily basis, but should be preserved and should be available when something is needed.
“Research has shown that the concentration and focus of employees is significantly better when the workplace is tidy!”

Digitisation helpsIf you have those categories in view, the next steps are pretty easy to define. For the dynamic records, digitisation is the answer. Whether you do this yourself or outsource, it makes the workplace a lot clearer! In addition, it will bring you many more benefits. Because looking for that one document in that crowded closet? That’s a thing of the past! Saving time is therefore a logical consequence.

External archive storageThe archive that is no longer needed so often can be outsourced in a low-threshold way. For example, Archive-IT has various methods for this, whereby the archive documents are placed in secure premises and made available digitally via Scanning on Demand. Internally, space is freed up that can be used much better. Save space, save time and often even save costs.

In short, in addition to the tidy working environment that creates peace and quiet, it offers many other advantages. So come on with the spring cleaning!

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