Security and privacy are of paramount importance at Archive-IT. That is why we think it is important that we share our knowledge with you as well. Hackers are getting smarter and smarter and are finding out user names and passwords faster and faster. That is why it is useful to secure your pages as well as possible with a strong password, or even with multiple login methods such as Multi Factor Authentication!

The advantages of Multi Factor Authentication;

  • A step towards an even more secure online environment;
  • Simplification of login procedures;
  • Essential part for cybersecurity.

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication is a method where you need to use two or more factors to get to a file or page. The first factor is for example an account with a username and a password. The second factor is that you have your phone with which you scan a QR code, so you need two different factors to access your files.

The difference between Multi Factor Authentication and Multi Step Verification.

Many people confuse Multi Factor Authentication with Multi Step Verification. However, it is certainly not the same. The difference lies in the factors you use. As mentioned before, Multi Factor Authentication requires several factors. With Multi Step Verification, several steps are required, but of the same factor. Think of entering a password twice. Multi Step Verification is a much safer way to access a file or page. This is because the same password is often used when it comes to Multi Step Verification. This makes it easy for hackers to come in if they have the password.

Where can you use Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication can be enabled on all popular services, like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple ID and all other Social Media channels. Most channels also give you the chance to trust the devices you log in with. For example, you can see on which devices you have been logged in. You can then also block these devices, so you always have the desired privacy.

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