On the 28th of January it is European Privacy Day. This day was created to make people aware of privacy and what this means exactly. After all, privacy is much more than just a term; it is a right. In this blog we look at this in more detail.

European Privacy Day

Privacy Day is an annual phenomenon. The Council of Europe established this day in 2007 with the support of the European Commission. This is a symbolic date because the Data Protection Treaty was signed on 28 January 1981. The purpose of this day is to better inform European citizens about their rights concerning the use of their personal data by governments, companies and other organisations. Companies and organisations are also urged on this day to improve the protection of personal data.

Archive IT & Privacy

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, privacy compliance has become an even more important issue for companies. This also applies to Archive-IT, where security and privacy have been very important issues in our business operations for more than 15 years. We process many files full of privacy-sensitive information on a daily basis, which is why it is essential for us to have our privacy affairs in order. This enables our customers to entrust us with their valuable and privacy-sensitive information.

Our measures

In order to comply with the privacy rights of our customers, Archive-IT takes various measures. Some of these measures:

  • We have a Data Protection Officer, Drs A. (Alex) E. Klaassen. Drs A. (Alex) E. Klaassen is a Managing Partner at NewDay IT Risk & Assurance Services. He ensures that the processes at Archive-IT are carried out in full compliance with the GDPR;
  • In addition, a Privacy Policy has been drawn up. This describes the rights of our clients in detail;
  • We also have a clear and well-organised processing register. This allows us to see at a glance which customer we are managing which type of information, what processing it concerns and what the basis is;
  • A Privacy Statement has been drawn up for internal agreements. This is a manual on how we handle personal data within Archive-IT;
  • Of course, there is no lack of a data breach procedure and we regularly update our entire team on the subject of privacy and information security.

Archive-IT is committed on a daily basis, both physically and digitally, to safeguard the privacy of our customers and to ensure that the information security of our work processes and solutions is maintained at the highest possible level.

Want to learn more about privacy and how Archive-IT deals with it? Send a message to our Privacy Officer.

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