Problem description

Kindante wanted all the data of an employee to be retrievable in one central place. Because of Kindante’s many locations, not everyone (who is authorized to do so) could have access to the personnel information, which was in paper form at the head office in Sittard. In addition, they wanted to make optimal use of their current CRM system, AFAS, and make more extensive use of the functionalities AFAS offers.


The ideal solution for Kindante was to have their personnel files digitized by Archive-IT. Regardless of the location where someone is working, as long as they have the appropriate rights, the personnel information can be consulted. With digital personnel files, there is only one place where all the information of the employee in question is stored. The fact that Archive-IT has a lot of experience with digitization within the education sector and the direct upload to AFAS ensured a perfect match.


  • More efficiency, care and transparency
  • All data in one central place
  • Complies fully with laws and regulations

Key figures

Key figures


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